Beginner’s guide to becoming a Business Analyst- Ebenezer Ajibade


Business Analysis is basically the identification of the need for change in an organisation and how to facilitate that change. Ebenezer Ajibade is a Business Analyst who has been in the field for years. He is giving us insight on how to launch your career as a business analyst.

As with many other career paths, Business analysis can be learnt from scratch. There are beginner courses one can take in order to learn process models and other elements of Business Analysis.

Ebenezer outlines some core certifications recognised by the International Institute of Business Analysis are:


  1. The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis for new beginners.
  2. The Certification of Capability in Business Analysis for those who already have a level of experience.
  3. The Certified Business Analysis professional Exam is written by those who have established themselves as experts in the field with over 5 years experience.

In order to get certified, you’ll have to undergo a training known as the Professional Development Unit by endorsed educational centers. One of which is run by Ebenezer himself. In this training, you’ll get hands on experience and a curriculum geared towards preparing you for the main exam.

Business Analysts are usually very vital to organisations who are interested in growth and development. Every organisation should welcome positive change and business analysts are responsible for identifying opportunities and facilitating requirements for these opportunities.

Due to the high demand for Business Analysts these past few months, Ebenezer is encouraging others to take up this career, learn the techniques effectively and use them to increase your value in a company.


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