Website Design Bootcamp 2021 – Learn How to Build Websites without Writing Codes

Every thing you need to build stunning websites using WordPress and Divi Theme. While WordPress is the tool we’re using, our focus is on teaching you how to design websites, so we cover topics like website content structure, SEO, Security, etc.


Day 1: Introduction to WordPress

Learn how to perform WordPress basic operations like creating posts, adding them to categories, creating pages, etc.


Day 2: Settings & Customizations

Learn about WordPress permalink settings, Classic Editor, How to create and add items to menu, and how to customize themes.


Week 1 Assignment: Website Content

A client reached out to us to create their website and your job is to create all the relevant pages and structure their content on the website.


Day 3: Widgets, SEO, Forms, Analytics

Learn about widgets, SEO and Yoast Plugin, Google Analytics, and shortcodes. Finally, how to create, add forms to pages, and get form data.


Day 4: WooCommerce Setup

Learn how to setup WooCommerce, create products, setup bank transfer payment option, receive and manage orders, etc.

Responsive Website Design with Divi Theme

Introduction to divi Theme

Creating Section 1

Creating Section 2

Creating Section 3

Creating Section 4

Designing the header & menu

Designing the footer

Designing Forms

Importing Layouts

Responsive Design Settings

Design Shop Page

Design Blog Pages

Linking to Sections