Starting a Consulting Business as a Fresh Graduate, with Victor Yalokwu


Victor Yalokwu is the Country Sales Manager, Consumer Banking, ECOBANK, Nigeria. A successful consultant on how to prepare and guide teenagers as they enter early adulthood.

Victor’s career journey began in the early 2000s as he reiterates the importance of one’s surrounding and influences as a young adult. He had the opportunity of running a relative’s cyber cafe business. This experience shaped his career in business and people management.

He later put these skills to good use when he got and idea about being a consultant for teenagers on managing and handling real life issues. An idea that changed his life for the better. Victor’s experience also buttresses the importance of having quality relationships and sharing ones ideas. He did this and found an investor who gave him the soft landing he needed to properly start his company.

Victor’s experience has helped put into perspective, the importance of having the right people in your corner. In his words, “I’d rather go alone than be with the wrong friends”. Right from the start of his career, Victor has had friends who were like minded and met a need during his early days.

Personal development is key to starting and growing a business where you have to educate others, which is what a consulting business is all about.

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