Website Review
Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your website for review. Please note that this is a requirement for you to get your certificate and you must submit your website on or before Friday October 15, 2021.

A few tips before you submit your website for review

  1. Ensure your menu items are properly arranged
  2. Ensure every page has SEO title and meta description
  3. Ensure your contact form is working properly
  4. Ensure you have integrated Google Analytics
  5. Ensure your shop has at least 6 products
  6. Ensure you have shipping options
  7. Ensure you have an active coupon code
  8. Ensure you have an online payment option (eg. Paystack)
  9. Ensure your cache plugin is enabled
  10. Ensure your images are well optimized

Website Review Submissions for “Dawih Website Design Bootcamp” ended on Friday, October 15, 2021.