How to structure your website content
Content is a huge part of every website and understanding how to structure your content is key to having an effective website. In this session we discussed how to properly structure your content and drive your visitors to take action.

Week 1 Activity


A Client has contacted us to build a corporate website for their accounting business. The Client’s name is EMCA Accounting and they’re based in Canada.

The Client has sent us their content and our job is to present the content on their website. The content must be engaging to the website visitors and must drive them to take action.

In our previous sessions, we created the following pages which would be useful to this project:

  •  Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact

The content sent by the client has enough information to cover all the pages above, except the Blog. You can leave the blog page as is and focus on the other pages.


Using your existing website, as created in our previous sessions, carry out the following:

  1. Add content to the following pages:
    1. Home
    2. About
    3. Services
    4. Contact
  2. Every page must have at least 1 image
  3. There must be a call to action on every page (ie. a link directing users to another page)
  4. The home page must link to every other page, including the Blog page.


Please follow the instructions on the video on how to submit your work.